Show Your Children The Thrill Of Horticulture

Children can discover ways to be helpful and creative by having their own garden. Because children are going to be getting dirty, working with a garden will be fun for them. When you help them determine what plants to grow, you will see their excitement when choosing. This article should give you some ideas on how to make your children become interested in the joys of gardening.
When choosing a plant for the garden, it is easiest to have them choose between a general group of plants. You may want to encourage them to pick flowers or plants with bright colors as this is what they tend to like. Children will tend to be captivated by bright flowers such as cosmos and zinnias. They can also be overwhelmed by tall and fuzzy, so don't forget to have sunflowers. It is usually best if you make sure that the plants they pick out will not cause allergic reactions. Even though your children may be small, they could still help with planting the seeds. At the very least, they can just simply handle the soil. In order to keep their excitement high, make them record their gardening experiences in a journal. They could monitor their progress or draw what their plants are going to look like. They can jot down when they planted the seeds, and when the seeds initially sprouted.
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Position your house garden in close proximity to where your children play, so they can watch their plants growth every time they walk by. This is another way to keep them interested. An alternative choice to keep them engaged is to have them get the dirt ready. It could be something as simple as breaking up the clumped up soil. What will also help to make sure they're interested is to get tools that are sufficiently small for them to use. It really helps if you're making their garden genuinely their own. Have a picture of each plant, so they will be aware of what to look for when it starts growing. You can also have a small sign with your youngster's names on it so they feel ownership of the garden.
Given that children enjoy playing with water as much as dirt, you could have them water their own plants. You will probably need to show them how so they are not going to over water the plants. A modest can that may be used for watering will work best. All of us make mistakes, so permit your children to make some mistakes with their garden. Besides having fun making a mess, you should teach your children the importance of cleaning up after they have finished with gardening.
If you let them have some independence and empowering them with some responsibility, they will take great care and have fun with their garden. Let them make a few mistakes, and teach them how to learn from these mistakes.

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